Online Ordering

Online Ordering...

Work with us, and you can handle all your printing without ever leaving your desk. Through our web portal, you can place orders and reorders and review proofs, all online on a personalized web portal set up just for your needs. Perfect for companies with multiple locations needing to keep their corporate branding consistent.

To check it out just go to our website,, and click on the Customer Login button. Enter the username “Alliance” and the password “sample1”. 


Portal Layout...

This layout is set but can be customized with your information, the default opening page is the first tab in the menu which can also be changed if your company wants a more informative first screen. 

On the left hand side you will find your menu, and in each tab of your menu will be the items which will appear below with images and descriptions. Select your quantity and continue.


Template Types...

The two different types of templates we offer are static and variable. Static templates are for items such as forms that rarely change. Variable templates however such as the sample on this site change every time.

Simply enter in all the needed information for your item and preview. Any lines left blank will not show and in most cases we can standardize items such as phone numbers so they are consistent on every item


Preview & Order... 

You will then be able to proof an on screen preview of how your item will actually print, or by clicking on the item proof download a PDF proof.

Modify if there are any changes to be made click the order button to continue to the check out page to place your order or you can continue with other orders to add to the shopping cart before checking out. 

This is a sample site for you to play around with, no items will actually be produced. 


White Label...

If the need arises we also have a “White Label” login site and can set up your portal branded solely to your company. Or we can create a hyperlink for you to add to your corporate site for automatic logins from anywhere. They say time is money, and online ordering is saving you a fortune. Give us a call to get started today.

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